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Where do picture book ideas come from?

I love kisses.

I’ll bet that you do too!

Wake up sleepyhead kisses

Raspberry jam and bread kisses…

One of the things I enjoyed about being a teacher was sharing books with my students. And, I loved reading to my own children just as much. These days, I am fortunate to live close to my three grandchildren. I can’t think of anything better than having one of them crawl into my lap for a kiss, a snuggle and a story. In fact, a raspberry jam and bread kiss from one of my grandchildren was the inspiration for I Love Kisses…actually, it was a raspberry jam and toast kiss, but bread worked with sleepyhead whereas toast…just didn’t.

So, if you are looking for a book to share with a child you love, I hope you’ll keep I Love Kisses in mind.💕💕💕💕

Xmas arrived early for me

In case you are looking for a special Xmas present for a family you love 💗 Canadian Materials (volume XXIV Number 4…September 29, 2017) recently reviewed Waiting for the Whales. Happy 26th birthday to my first book which continues to be highly recommended.

“Be sure to add this gentle but captivating story to your picture book collection. Waiting for the Whales will remain a favorite to reread for generations to come.”

Recommended Xmas Reads

Check out Margriet Ruurs’ blog for some great Xmas reads to share with the family at http://margrietruurs.blogspot.ca

Island Santa is one of several titles recommended.

Island Santa, Sheryl McFarlane, Sheena Lott, ISBN 9-780988-053601 is a beautiful story based on the real Santa Ship that visits the Gulf Islands in BC where I live. McFarlane combined this with the real story of Jeneece Edroff who fundraised to make a home for families of sick children a reality near Victoria’s General Hospital.

Check out: https://islandkidsfirst.com/jeneece-place/

Victoria Children’s Literature Roundtable Eventu

Future Writers

I haven’t done a ton of school visits lately; just too busy with house renovations, grandchildren and recouping from a knee injury. But, today I enjoyed a lovely visit to Willows, the elementary school that is a few short blocks from home. I had a fabulous time with Ms. Kremler and Ms. Dennison’s grade four students. They had some great ‘what if’ ideas, came up with some pretty amazing metaphors and similes, and had more than a few very astute questions.

Yep, I may just have met a future writer or two today.


I believe that reconciliation is one of the important issues of our times. When they were in school, my children learned of potlatches, but not that potlatches had been banned by our government. Neither they, nor I were aware that their Indigenous counterparts might be forcibly removed from their homes to attend residential schools far from their homes. Our country’s shameful treatment of Indigenous people was simply not common knowledge and most of us were unaware that residential schools were still operating until as recently as 1996. Fortunately, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s work, recent curriculum changes, and a wealth of wonderful new titles will change that for my grandchildren’s generation.

Last night, the Victoria Native Friendship Centre and the Victoria Public Library hosted Métis writer and storyteller, Monique Gray Smith, who spoke of her own journey of reconciliation. Hers is a powerful voice and I urge everyone, especially educators, caregivers and parents to buy her book.

One of the take-aways from the conversation about reconciliation between broadcaster, Shelagh Rogers and Monique Gray Smith last night was, the author’s advise to “share the medicine of love“. The other came from the Lieutenant Governor of BC, who attended. The Honourable Judith Guichon, who has been active in promoting both literacy and reconciliation, charged listeners with helping to make Canada a better place for all of it’s citizens through actions or what she called “reconciliation.” This may be a painful journey for many of us. Not all of canada’s past is pretty. But, as a country, it is a journey we must make if we are to heal.

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